We are not looking for a customer for our products, We are looking for solutions for our customers.

1992 Founding of PIVOT+QARI by the original owners – focus exclusively on the retail segment
1996 Green for own production – metal production and thus expansion into other industries
2000 Expansion of premises from 400m2 to 2000m2
2002 We celebrate our 10th anniversary
2007 First customers in the automotive segment
2010 Establishment of an office in Hlohovec, production remains in Sokolovce
2011 Opening of own powder coating plant
2012 We celebrate the 20th anniversary
2013 Purchase of a new plasma from Microstep
2015 Purchase of a press brake from Fermat
2016 The company broke the threshold of EUR 2 million for the first time
2017 Retirement of 2 of the 4 original owners
2020 Transfer of shares to new company owners
2020 Obtaining ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates
2021 Purchase of a new press brake from HACO
2021 Purchase of new Solidworks 3D software for the design department
2022 We celebrate our 30th anniversary
2022 The company crossed the threshold of not 3 but exactly 4 million EUR for the first time
2023 Expansion of warehouse space by 200m2, we already have a total area of ​​4200m2
2023 Purchase of a new 2D laser from Bodor
2024 Purchase of a new 3D laser for profiles from Bodor
2024 Purchase of an engraving machine, 2pcs of 3D printers for construction

Quality policy

Management of PIVOT + QARI, s.r.o. in accordance with the strategic goals and requirements of the STN EN ISO 9001 and 14 001 standards, it adopted the IMS policy and declares its commitment to the permanent satisfaction of customer needs and expectations:
1. Constantly follow, analyze and monitor the needs and expectations of the customers.
2. Fulfill customer expectations in the required quality, strengthening the position of a stable and reliable supplier.
3. To permanently increase the efficiency of the company’s quality management system.
4. Modernization and greening of product production and permanent reduction of the impact of production processes on the Environment.
5. Educate and manage the employees, create suitable working conditions for them environment for the fulfillment of set goals.
6. Develop the partnerships and work with key suppliers to maintain and improve the quality of purchased material and the quality of subcontracts.
7. Realization of the system management approach, process management and relations between them, using the results of analyzes for improvement,
mutually defined activities with defining rights a responsibilities.

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